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                       SOOD CUTTERS

                                            On Special Sale Now


                                       Bluebird                                                                   Husqvarna


                                        Classen                                                                       Ryan

  • Good Balance, Easy Handling - Maximum traction and self-propelled action - 95% of the machine’s weight is on the knob tread drive wheels.
  • Power for the Long Haul - Available with a 5.5-hp Honda® or a 6-hp Briggs & Stratton®; Built to last cast-iron gear case.
  • Easy Depth and Blade Angle Adjustment for Varying Soil Conditions - Optional trenching and mole blade attachments.
  • Optional Tote Trailer for On-Road Trailer Use - Transports Jr. Sod Cutter, Lawnaire® IV and V Plus aerators.
  • Choice of Sod Widths - Available in either 12” or 18” cutting widths.

        Sod cutter       Bluebird Sod Cutter       Classen Sod cutter        Husqvarna Sod Cutter      Sod Cutter

                                Sod Cutter           Sod Cutter         Sod Cutter           Sod Cutter

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